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Video Game Accessibility and Wearable Technology Wins Carleton 3

Video Game Accessibility and Wearable Technology Wins Carleton 3MT Competition

May 25th, 2023

While 95% of people with disabilities enjoy video games, their needs have historically been ignored. Georgia Loewen, a master's student in HCI aims to use wearable tech to solve this. Her presentation recently won Carleton University's Three Minute Thesis Competition, and she competed in the Ontario 3MT. You can watch her 3-minute presentation from the link below.

2023 Carleton 3MT Competition

The New Virtual Classroom

The New Virtual Classroom

May 22nd, 2023

"Students don't respond to things the way they did before COVID ... We're in a place where we have to completely rethink how we deliver courses." Ali Arya, a researcher in the CSIT's Interactive Media Group, has been working on virtual environments for educational purposes for nearly 15 years. AR and VR platforms can be used to teach students in pretty much any discipline, including technical STEM fields.

Troy Anderson, a Sprott researcher, is using an incredibly lifelike and life-sized holographic image inside a touchscreen display unit, to put the teacher in a classroom thousands of kilometres away. It allows both students and teachers to see each other and interact almost as if they were at the same place. These holograms can prove more effective than an online class setting.

The New Virtual Classroom

Accessible Play - Study of Accessible Options in Video Games Win

Accessible Play - Study of Accessible Options in Video Games Wins The Student EDI Awards

May 17th, 2023

Pallavi Sodhi, a first-year master's student in the Human-Computer Interaction program won the student EDI research award. Through her research, Sodhi will be exploring accessibility in video games; understanding what accessibility features are available, how they are designed, and what their benefits and limitations are from the perspective of those who create and play them.

Student EDI -Related Awards

The Colour of Horror

The Colour of Horror, Researchers Paint a Picture of Six Decades of Movies

March 15th, 2023

In "The Colour of Horror", researchers paint a picture of six decades of movies. CSIT's Lesley Istead and her team from University of Waterloo generate the palettes of 29 thousand film trailers from 1960 to 2019. According to Dr. Istead, computer science can improve the process of film production by offering tools that can help us know whether a film will succeed. Part of that process is just getting a better understanding of film itself.

The study, The Colour of Horror, appears in the Proceedings of the 19th ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Visual Media Production.

Link to paper

Dr. Richard Yu Ranked Among Word

Dr. Richard Yu Ranked Among Word's Top Researchers in IoT

March 3rd, 2023

A Miner has recognized Dr. Fei Richard Yu as the 2023 AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Honorable Mention in Internet of Things for his outstanding and vibrant contributions to this field between 2013 and 2022. Dr. Yu was ranked among the top 29 worldwide scholars working in the field of IoT.

Dr. Yu also appeared in's Ranking of Best Scientists in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, where he received the Electronics and Electrical Engineering in Canada Leader Award for 2023 and ranked #13.


CSIT Faculty Receive 2023 Future Learning Innovation Fellowships

CSIT Faculty Receive 2023 Future Learning Innovation Fellowships

January 30th, 2023

Two CSIT faculty members, Dr. Ali Arya and Dr. Omair Shafiq, are among the 13 recipients of this year’s Future Learning Innovation Fellowship.
We are excited to see the impact that this fellowship will have on our students and our community. Click on the link below to learn more

TLS Fellowship

Two CSIT Faculty Members Receive Carleton University

Two CSIT Faculty Members Receive Carleton University's Development Grants

January 6th, 2023

Dr. Barati's project, "Supporting Privacy Regulations in Canadian Energy Sharing Systems", aims to train graduate students on compliance-aware energy trading systems using smart contracts and cross-chain technologies. The smart contracts will include encoded Canadian privacy laws that should be considered for protecting transactions between energy suppliers and customers.

Dr. Gao's project, "Hybrid Data-driven Network Management for 6G", aims to train Ph.D. and undergraduate students on 6G network research and machine learning, including network modeling and analysis, algorithm development, and simulation platform establishment.


Best Paper Award

CSIT Researchers win Best Paper Award

October 28th, 2022

Giulio Mori, a PhD student supervised by Prof. Thue has received a best paper award for his work on EM-Glue: A Platform for Decoupling Experience Managers and Environments, recently presented at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE-22). Congratulations team!

RISE Research Group

A screenshot from World of Warcraft

CSIT Grad Students and Faculty Receive Best Paper Award

October 11th, 2022

A team of CSIT grad students including Kristen Grinyer, Sara Czerwonka, and Adrian Alvarez, and faculty supervisors Victoria McArthur, Audrey Girouard, and Robert Teather have received a best paper award at the International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG 2022) for their work on Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games on Promoting Social Well-Being in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Congratulations team!


Generated Art

Prof. Istead Receives Best Paper Award

September 22nd, 2022

Prof. Lesley Istead has been awarded the Virtual Reality and Intelligent Hardware Best Paper Award at Computer Graphics International 2022 for her paper A Simple, Stroke-Based Method for Gesture Drawing. CGI is one of the oldest annual international conferences on Computer Graphics in the world. This award recognizes Prof. Istead’s commitment to high-quality research. Congratulations Lesley!


Saman Karim

Saman Karim, gains people's choice award in GRADFlix competition

June 3rd, 2022

GRADflix, originating from the University of Waterloo, is a research video competition for graduate students. Each contestant submits one video about their research and Saman Karim won the people's choice award. Saman is currently doing her Masters in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Audrey Girouard.


Lea Zhu

Lea Zhu, gains 3rd place in GRADFlix competition

June 3rd, 2022

GRADflix, originating from the University of Waterloo, is a research video competition for graduate students. Each contestant submits one video about their research and Lea (ChangAn) Zhu placed 3rd. Lea is currently doing her PhD in Digital Media under the supervision of Dr. Chris Joslin


Dr. Shafiq Awarded Research Achievement Award Winner, 2022

Dr. Shafiq recipient of 2022 FED Research Award

April 19th, 2022

Prof. Omair Shafiq is the recipient of the Faculty of Engineering and Design Research Award for 2022. This award recognises Professor Shafiq's quality of research and his research agenda. Congratulations Omair!

FED Research Achievement Award

Dr. Matrawy Awarded Research Achievement Award Winner, 2022

Dr. Matrawy Carleton's 2022 Achievement Award

March 18th, 2022

Dr. Ashraf Matrawy has been recognised for his research achievements as a recipient of Carleton's annual Achievement Awards, which are presented in recognition of the research and teaching distinction of Carleton’s academic staff. Congratulations Ashraf, well deserved!

Research Achievement Awards 2022

Dr. Robert Teather

Prof. Shafiq Outstanding Faculty Graduate Mentor!

March 9th, 2022

Dr. Omair Shafiq is one of 8 individuals to receive the Outstanding Faculty Graduate Mentor award this year (among 60 faculty members nominated). This recognises the amazing mentorship provided by Prof. Shafiq in supervising his graduate students. Way to go Omair!

Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award