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The world of information technology is always evolving. What is now commonplace was once a breakthrough.

Bachelor of Information Technology Programs

As a student in one of the Bachelor of Information Technology programs, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to address the IT issues of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) offers four distinct programs:

These programs are offered jointly by Carleton’s School of Information Technology and Algonquin College’s schools of Health and Community Studies (for IRM), Media and Design (for IMD), and Advanced Technology (for NET and OSS).

You will graduate with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree from Carleton University and one of a Library and Information Technician diploma (for IRM students), a Diploma of Applied Arts (for IMD students), an Advanced Diploma in Technology (for NET students) or an Advanced Diploma in Photonics and Laser Technology (for OSS students) from Algonquin College.

Bachelor of Media Production and Design Program

A new space is opening where media, information, public engagement and design intersect.

Organizations – from those in the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors to corporations and governments – want to tell their stories online to engage audiences and explain complex issues. To accomplish that requires skilled communicators who can combine creative storytelling and explanatory skills with the design thinking and online production expertise rooted in information technology.

The Bachelor of Media Production and Design (BMPD) will prepare you to meet the demand for innovative graduates who can operate across all facets of narratives – designing and telling non-fiction stories that engage, inform, entertain and ultimately contribute to a broader and deeper understanding of how we connect with each other in the 21st century to build stronger societies.

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