Graduate Studies

General Information

More than ever before, information technology specialists need a deeper understanding of their field.

Programs & Degrees

Master’s and PhD degrees offered by the School of Information Technology address the needs of industry and society in this area, providing students with the skills they will need to succeed in this demanding and ever evolving field.

* Offered in collaboration with 13 academic disciplines, from Business, Computer Science and Economics, to Cognitive Science, Biomedical Engineering or Health Science.

† Offered in collaboration with 13 different Schools and Departments, ranging from Architecture and Industrial Design to Computer Science, Business, Cognitive Science, and Journalism.

Financial Support

Graduate programs at CSIT offer attractive financial support packages. For students in thesis programs, financial support exists in the form of scholarships (based on GPA mainly), teaching assistantship (TA), and research assistantship (provided by research supervisor, depending on availability of project funding). It is typical to make about 15K per year, although more is possible too depending on the degree level or if you have external funding (e.g. scholarships, awards).

Students in the course-based NET program may receive financial assistance in the form of scholarship (based on GPA mainly) and a teaching assistantship (TA).

Generous funding is available in the form of teaching/research assistantships and scholarships based on academic excellence. We encourage students to apply for awards such as: the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Scholarships. Applicants who apply after March 1 may still be considered for funding, only if available. For additional information on scholarships visit the graduate student's financial assistance website.

Ericsson Fellowship

A number of fellowships offered by Ericsson are available to outstanding graduate students at both MASc and PhD levels. In addition to attractive financial support, these fellowships provide excellent opportunities to collaborate with Ericsson on a variety of interesting projects. Whether you are already a graduate student at the CSIT Department or still considering our gradate programs, you can apply to the Ericsson-Carleton 5G Fellowships by contacting your supervisor or the Associate Director for Graduate Studies.


Ria Akaiwa, Graduate Administrator.

Dr. KC Collins, Associate Director for Graduate Studies.