Teaching Assistant Opportunities 2023-2024

Apply to be a Teaching Assistant

The School of Information Technology currently has Outside Priority TA opportunities for highly qualified undergraduate students to help instructors conduct their courses. TA positions are roughly 8 to 10 hours per week over the semester. Duties vary with the course you are assigned, but typically involve grading assignments and tests, conducting tutorials, invigilating exams, entering grades, attending meetings and holding office hours.

The current rate of pay is $25.62 per hour (as of Sept. 2022) upto 130 hours per semester (before deductions).

To be eligible applicants must:

  • Be registered full-time in the term they wish to be a TA
  • Have a 10.0 CGPA or higher (preference given to applicants with higher CGPAs)
  • Have 2nd year standing or above (preference given to higher year standing)

How to apply: Complete an Outside Priority TA Application by December 15 in the TA Management System on Carleton Central. List all courses you are eligible to TA (i.e., those with a grade of A- or higher) in order of most preferred to least preferred. The more courses you list, the better the chances of getting a position, but we do not guarantee that you will be assigned to TA your most preferred courses.

Note: Accepting a TA position is an official job offer and should be treated accordingly. If you accept a position, you are expected to be available and perform duties as assigned. Poor performance (e.g., missing tutorials, late marking) will affect your future TA position prospects. Great performance will likely lead to future positions and good recommendations from course instructors.