Current Students / Postdocs (6)

  • Ashi Agarwal [PhD - SCE]
    Multiple Transform Variations for Improved Coding Efficiency
  • Ali Rahmanifard [PhD - SCE]
    Multi-Depth-camera Fusion for Accurate Depth Estimation in Near and Far Distances
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Marzieh Amini
  • Sima Soltanpour [Postdoc] Google Scholar
    Multi-Camera Blending and Homography Correction
  • Alex Lane [M.IT - Data Science]
    Shape Extraction and Comparison using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Cosupervised by: Shawn Graham
  • Lea (ChangAn) Zhu [PhD - Digital Media] Google Scholar
    Facial Animation Conversion and Editing
  • Adam Bennett [PhD - CS] Google Scholar
    Clean-up and Identification of Neural Activity using Deep Learning
    Cosupervised by: Dr. WonSook Lee

Alumni (52)

  • Hossain (Sam) Samar Qorbani [PhD - Digital Media] Google Scholar
    Using Virtual Reality to Improve STEM Education
    Graduated October 2022
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Ali Arya
  • Kaveh Rouhandeh [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks for Constrained Devices through Binarization
    Graduated May 2022
  • Ehsan Rahami [PhD - SCE] Google Scholar
    Network Conditioning for 3D & Multi-view Video
    Graduated January 2022
  • Mihaela Petriu [M.A.Sc - HCI]
    Multiple Dynamic Pivots Rig for 3D Biped Character Designed along Human-Computer Interaction Principles
    Graduated September 2020
  • Feng Su [PhD - SCE]
    Procedural Generation of Audio from Soft-Body Objects
    Graduated September 2020
  • Lea (ChangAn) Zhu [M.IT - Digital Media]
    Perceiver – A Five-view Stereo System for High-quality Disparity Generation and its Application in Video Post-Production
    Graduated September 2020
  • Jila Hosseinkhani [PhD - SCE] Google Scholar
    Gradual Saliency Detection in Video Sequences Using Bottom-up Attributes
    Graduated January 2020
  • Vatsla Chauhan [M.Cs]
    Vertex-based Facial Animation Transfer System for Models with Different Topology; A Tool for Maya
    Graduated December 2019
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Audrey Girouard
  • Malek El-Kouzi [M.IT - Digital Media] Google Scholar
    The Role of Game-based Learning in Newcomer Children`s Cultural Adjustment
    Graduated August 2019
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Ali Arya
  • William Hamilton [M.IT - Digital Media]
    Procedural Generation of Three-Dimensional Game Levels with Interior Architecture
    Graduated January 2019
  • Tashia Nasir [M.A.Sc - HCI]
    Fast 3D Reconstruction of Human Figures in Motion
    Graduated September 2018
  • Elizabeth Salas [Postdoctoral Fellow]
    Voice science, technological interventions in singing, facial motion capturing and animation procedures
    Completed March 2018
  • Hsi-Cheng (Don) Wei [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Distance Estimation for 3D Freehand Ultrasound-Scans with Visualization System
    Graduated May 2017
  • Sumit Malik [M.Eng]
    Dynamic 3D Reconstruction of Human Subjects for Medical Diagnosis
    Graduated August 2016
  • Shaikah Bakerman [M.A.Sc - HCI]
    Creating Basic Geometry of a 3D Human Character Using a Single Front-View Sketch and Minimal User Input
    Graduated May 2016
  • Meagan Leflar [M.A.Sc - HCI]
    The Use of 3D Viseme Transition Units for Improved Speech Animation
    Graduated January 2016
  • Rufino Ricardo Ansara [M.A.Sc - HCI]
    Adding Cartoon-Like Motion to Realistic Animations
    Graduated January 2016
  • Isidore Onyeako [M.A.Sc]
    3D Printing of Biological Structures
    Graduated December 2015
    Cosupervised by: Dr. WonSook Lee
  • Feng Su [M.A.Sc - HCI]
    Acoustic Imaging Using a 64-Node Microphone Array and Beamformer System
    Graduated September 2015
  • Mona Omidyeganeh [Postdoctoral Fellow] Google Scholar
    Scalable 3D & Multi-view Video Based on Network Conditions
    Completed December 2014
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Shervin Shirmohammadi
  • Mahla Abdolahnejad [M.A.Sc - SCE] Google Scholar
    Sensorless Out-of-Plane Displacement Estimation for 3D Freehand Ultrasound Applications
    Graduated September 2014
  • Sean LeBlanc [USRA]
    Simplified Boid Representation for Quick Animation of Boid Environments
    Completed August 2014
  • Nathan Chan [USRA]
    Generation of Fracture Patterns using Voronoi Cells to Enable Tearing of Soft-Solids
    Completed August 2014
  • Azadeh Rouhandeh
    Non-Invasive Assessment and Compensation of STA in Hip Joint Kinematics
    Graduated August 2014
  • Tejaswi Thotakura [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Improved Pressure Field Ultrasound Simulation
    Graduated May 2014
  • Yazan Awwad [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Motion Estimation and Registration of B-Mode Ultrasound Images for Improved Visualisation
    Graduated May 2014
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Yuu Ono
  • Zahra Karimi-Tabar [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Identification of Femoral-Acetabular Symptoms Using sEMG Signals During Dynamic Contraction
    Graduated May 2014
  • Ying Jiang [M.Eng]
    Rain Detection and Removal from Video
    Graduated April 2014
  • Solomon Eke [M.Eng]
    Histogram Sorting for Improved Colour Compression
    Graduated December 2013
  • Philip Boyer [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Cartilage Simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
    Graduated December 2013
  • Sean LeBlanc [USRA]
    Development of Plasticity in SPH
    Completed August 2013
  • James McAvoy [M.CS]
    Resizing H. 264/AVC Frames in the Compressed Domain
    Graduated May 2013
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Doug Howe
  • Kaveh Firouzi [M.Eng]
    High-Dynamic Range Video for Object Identification
    Graduated April 2013
  • Chris Taylor [M.A.Sc]
    A Topological Feature Heuristic for Subdvision Model Inspection and Analysis
    Graduated January 2013
  • Sina Firouzi [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Blur Compensation in Predictive Video Coding
    Graduated September 2012
  • Christoph Schoch [USRA]
    Multi-view Volumetric Capture Using High-Dynamic Range Video
    Completed August 2012
  • Omar Hesham [M.A.Sc] Google Scholar
    Fast Meshless Simulation of Anisotropic Tearing in Elastic Solids
    Graduated December 2011
  • Meagan Leflar [USRA]
    Simulation of Tearable and Breakable Structures
    Completed August 2011
  • Jafher Husain [USRA]
    High Dynamic Range Video for Computer Vision Applications
    Completed August 2011
  • Chris Taylor [USRA]
    Simulation of Dynamic Membranes for Architecture Structures
    Completed August 2010
    Cosupervised by: Mr. Manuel Baez
  • Daniel Nedecki [USRA]
    Simulation of Membrane Structures in Maya
    Completed August 2010
    Cosupervised by: Mr. Manuel Baez
  • Junwu Zhu [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Temporal Coding Methods for 2D+t Wavelets
    Graduated April 2010
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Richard Dansereau
  • Rhoda Gbadeyan [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Multiple Description Video Coding Using MPEG-21
    Graduated September 2009
  • Felix Petngang [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Resolution Scalable Image Coding using Rational Wavelet Transforms
    Graduated September 2009
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Richard Dansereau
  • Meagan Leflar [USRA]
    High Dynamic Range Images for Improved Medical Simulations
    Completed August 2009
  • Przemyslaw Myszkowski [USRA]
    Digital Modelling of a Dynamic Membrane
    Completed August 2009
    Cosupervised by: Mr. Manuel Baez
  • Tom Svilans [USRA]
    Digital Modelling of a Dynamic Membrane
    Completed August 2009
    Cosupervised by: Mr. Manuel Baez
  • Mitchell Counsell [USRA]
    Digital Modelling of a Dynamic Membrane
    Completed August 2009
    Cosupervised by: Mr. Manuel Baez
  • Ding Cai [M.A.Sc]
    Rapid Impingement Detection Systems for Ball & Socket Joints
    Graduated October 2008
    Cosupervised by: Dr. WonSook Lee
  • Shaila Kuchibhotla [USRA]
    Capturing the Wink and the Blink
    Completed August 2008
  • Anuoluwa Iyanwura [M.A.Sc - SCE]
    Physically-based Facial Animation
    Graduated May 2008
    Cosupervised by: Dr. Aysugal Cuhadar
  • Chris Taylor [USRA]
    Java Applet for a Mobile Device to Enable the Playback of Video
    Completed August 2007
    Cosupervised by: Mr. Manuel Baez