Current Students

I currently supervise the following graduate students:

PhD Students:

  • Kristen Grinyer, PhD (digital media), Jan. 2022 - present, improved interaction on low-fi XR devices
  • Heather Qian, PhD (digital media), Sept. 2019 - present, eye-tracking in XR interaction
  • Assem Kroma, PhD (digital media), Sept. 2019-present, holistic XR frameworks and prototyping (co-supervised with A. Girouard)
  • Anthony Scavarelli, PhD (digital media), 2016-present, an interaction framework for hybrid multi-user virtual/augmented reality, (co-supervised with A. Arya)

Master's Students:

  • Eric DeMarbre, MIT, May 2023 - present, TBD
  • Manya Kakkar, MHCI, Jan. 2022 - present, TBD, (co-supervised with A. Girouard)
  • Anand Suraj, MHCI, Sept. 2022 - present, TBD
  • Andrew Thompson, MHCI, Sept. 2022 - present, TBD, (co-supervised with L. Istead)
  • Eric Lacey, MASc (HCI), Sept. 2021 - present, TBD


Past Students


Prospective Students

I am currently recruiting master's and PhD students in information technology (digital media) and human-computer interaction (MCS and MASc stream) in the general areas of interactive virtual reality systems, and computer game user interfaces. See my research page for further details of my projects in these areas. Students will have the opportunity to work in a large multi-disciplinary group in a well-equipped CFI-supported lab. Most accepted full-time students receive funding as specified in our graduate programs. This is typically enough to cover tuition and living costs.

For these positions, I am looking for students that meet the following criteria:

  • Entrance requirements for your respective program, either Information Technology (MIT or PhD) or Human-Computer Interaction (MCS or MASc)
  • Excellent academic achievements. An average of B+ or better is typically required for admission. Higher grades (average of A or better) increase your eligibility for scholarships, and provides you a better funding package
  • The ability to work in a team
  • A background in related areas of Computer Science and/or Information Technology (e.g., Human-Computer Interaction, 3D/Spatial User Interfaces, Virtual Reality, Game Design)
  • Excellent programming/development skills
  • Very good English language skills

Further to these general criteria, PhD applications should also have:

  • At least one scientific publication
  • A MSc thesis in one of the areas described above

Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in such a position, and meet the criteria outlined above. Please include a CV, transcripts (unofficial are fine), and TOEFL or IELTS scores as appropriate. Finally, note that our application process is very competitive; meeting the minimum requirements outlined above does not guarantee an offer of admission, or of receiving a funded position.

Finally, please note that I receive many supervision requests from prospective applicants. I typically only reply to those who demonstrate that they are actually interested in my research areas (as opposed to sending blanket emails to the entire department).