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EAI AICON 2022 – 4th EAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Communications and Networks

  • November 30-1, 2022
  • Hiroshima, Japan

Professor Shi received $150, 000 from Ontario Center of Excellence – Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (OCE-VIP) program and $155, 000 from Ericsson working on “M-MIMO Channel Estimation using Distributed Machine Learning and Edge Computing Technologies”

Professor Shi received NSERC Alliance Grant for her work on contact tracing app that uses Bluetooth Technology to identify exposure to COVID-19 without collecting personal information

COVID-19 and Privacy Concerns: New Tracing App Doesn’t Collect User Data

  • Johnny Ma, one of Professor Shi’s Ph.D students, won Ericsson Fellowship

Professor Shi received CU Covid-19 Rapid Response Research Grant (

Professor Shi received NSERC Discovery Grant Renewal for 5 years from 2020 to 2025

Professor Shi received Multidisciplinary Research Catalyst Fund (MRCF) Round 1 (