Graduated Students

  • Saleh Al Shamaa, M.D.S., September 2020 – December 2022. Particle Swarm Optimization with Enhanced Neighborhood Search Algorithm and Probabilistic Crossover Genetic Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing. Medal Nomination.

  • Macarious Abadeer, M.C.S. (Computer Science), September 2021 – September 2022. (co-supervisor: Jean-Pierre Corriveau), Carleton.
    FLightNER: A Federated Learning Approach to Lightweight Named-Entity Recognition. Medal Nomination.

  • Tina Yazdizadeh, M.D.S. (Information Technology), September 2020 – August 2022. Carleton. Comparative Evaluation on Effect of ELMo in Combination with Machine Learning, and Ensemble Models.
  • David Chiumera, M.D.S. (Information Technology), September 2020 – August 2022. Carleton. Deep Reinforcement Learning for Quantitative Finance: Time Series Forecasting using Proximal Policy Optimization.
  • Saranya Kadamgode, M.C.S. (Computer Science), September 2020 – May 2022. (co-supervisor: Jean-Pierre Corriveau), Carleton. Cyberbullying Detection using Ensemble Method.
  • Olivier Courchesne, MASc (System and Computer Engineering), September 2019 – August 2021, Carleton. OMAP: Military Standard 1553B (MIL-STD-1553B) device classification framework.
  • Yu Sun, M.C.S. (Computer Science), January 2020 – April 2021. (co-supervisor: Jean-Pierre Corriveau), Carleton. A Secure and Privacy Preserving COVID-19 Notification System.
  • Rahbar Ahsan, M.C.S. (Computer Science), January 2020 – April 2021. (co-supervisor: Jean-Pierre Corriveau), Carleton. A Detailed Analysis of The Multi-class Classification Problem in Network Intrusion Detection using Resampling Techniques. Medal Nomination.
  • Yunlong Lu, Ph.D. (Computer Science), September 2013 – September 2020 (co-supervisor: Xiaohong Huang), Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Research on Data Privacy Protection and Secure Data Sharing Methods.
  • William Lee Croft, Ph.D. (Computer Science), September 2015 – August 2020 (co-supervisor: Joerg Sack), Carleton. Design and Applications of Differentially Private Mechanisms: Adherence to Query Range Constraints and Obfuscation of Facial Images
  • Mirarash Poojm, M.I.T. (NET, project), September 2018 – August 2020, Carleton. Cloud service performance evaluation using congestion prediction and avoidance load balancing techniques.
  • Xiangyu (Johnny) Ma, M.I.T. (School of Information Technology – Data Science), September 2018 – April 2020, Carleton. AESMOTE: Adversarial Reinforcement Learning with SMOTE for Anomaly Detection.
  • Iman Zafarparandeh, M.I.T. (NET, project), January 2018 – April 2020 (including 2 co-op terms), Carleton. Development of a CI/CD pipeline for a java web application.
    Current position: IBM, Cognos Controller team.
  • Vinay Venkataramana, M.Eng. (System and Computer Engineering, project), September 2018 – December 2019, Carleton. Storage Sensitive Dynamic Replica Factor Calculator with Minimal Overhead Criterion in Distributed Platform.
  • Dongmei Yu, M.C.S. (project), September 2017 – August 2019 (co-supervisor: Mengchi Liu), Carleton. Dynamic Replica Placement.
    Current Position: Software developer, Canada Post
  • Mudit Aggarwal, M.C.S. (project), September 2017 – May 2019 (co-supervisor: J.-P., Corriveau), Carleton. Instance-based Scenario Testing.
    Current Position: Software Developer, Mitel
  • Zhibo Zhang, M.C.S. (project), September 2015 – August 2017, Carleton. Scheduling algorithms in Data Center Networks.
    Current Position: Software Developer, IBM
  • Duo (Leo) Lyu, M.C.S. (project), September 2015 –May 2017, Carleton. Multi-Criteria Shuffling Algorithm for the MapReduce Framework.
    Current Position: Software Developer, Corel
  • Robert Burden, M.Sc., January 2013 – August 2016 (part time), UOIT. Sensor Deployment with a Team of Robots. 
  • Sandarbh Bhadauria, M.C.S. (project), September 2014 – August 2016 (co-supervisor: J.-P. Corriveau), Carleton. Scenario testing using jACL.
  • Zhi Zhang, M.C.S. (project), September 2014 – April 2016, Carleton. Cluster Head Selection in Vehicular Networks.
    Current Position: Software developer, Nokia
  • Boqiang Niu, M.I.T.,January 2014 – April 2016, UOIT. Techniques and Architecture to Improve Hadoop Security.
    Current Position: IT administrator, China Minsheng Bank
  • Hongbo Fang, M.I.T., January 2014 – April 2016, UOIT. Secure Access Control in a Multi-User Software.
    Current Position: IT administrator, Bank of China Minsheng
  • Chujia Wei, M.C.S. (project), September 2014 – August 2016 (co-supervisor: David Mould), Carleton. Image stylization and particle systems.
    Current Position: Software developer, Digital Compositor at SPIN VFX
  • William Lee Croft, M.C.S., September 2013- April 2015 (co-supervisor: Joerg Sack), Carleton. Geometric Clustering Algorithms to Enforce Patients Privacy in Electronic Health Record Systems. Senate Medal.
  • Andrew Wylie, M.C.S., September 2013 – September 2015, Carleton. Scheduling Algorithms for MapReduce Workflows with Budget Constraints in the Heterogeneous Cloud.
    Current Position: Software Engineer, Thales Systems Canada, Ottawa.
  • Mengfei Peng, M.Sc., September 2013 – April 2015, UOIT. Faulty Nodes Repair and Dynamically Spawned Black Hole Search in Clouds.
    Current Position: Software Developer, Orbiseed, Toronto
  • David Eisler, M.C.S., (with coop, project), September 2012 – December 2014 (co-supervisor: J.-P. Corriveau), Carleton. Supporting Generative Modeling in ACL.
    Current Position: Software Developer, JSI Telecom
  • Joshua Beltramin, M.C.S., September 2012 – August 2014 (co-supervisor: J.-P. Corriveau), Carleton. Mapping ACL to JavaMOP: A Feasibility Study.
    Current Position: Software Developer, Bell Canada.
  • Inam ul Haq, M.C.S., September 2012 – August 2014 (co-supervisor: J.-P. Corriveau), Carleton. Modeling Use-Case Sequential Dependencies using ACL.
    Current Position: Software Developer, Statistics Canada.
  • Phillip Eagan, M.C.S., September 2012 – August 2014 (co-supervisor: J.-P. Corriveau), Carleton. Modeling Variability in Design Patterns using ACL,
    Current Position: Software Developer, Government of Canada.
  • Matthew Shelley, M.C.S., September 2011 – May 2013, Carleton. Using Use Case Maps for Sequence Breaking Detection in Games.
    Current Position: Software Developer, Achievers, Toronto
  • Ruoying Guo, M.C.S. (project), September 2011 – January 2013, Carleton. A Patient-Oriented Computer-Aided Approach to Improve Chronic Disease Care for Children,
    Current Position: Software Developer, Nokia, Ottawa
  • Meng Yao, M.C.S. (project), September 2010 – August 2012, Carleton. Impact of Sensor Collusion on Secure Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks,
    Current Position: Software Developer, Alcatel-Lucent, Ottawa
  • Jacob Agar, M.C.S., September 2010 – April 2012, Carleton. Path Prediction using Player’s Playing Patterns in Massively Multi Player Online Games.
    Current Position: Software Developer, Uken Games, Toronto
  • Najmeh Taleb, M.C.S., September 2010 – January 2012 (co-supervisor: N. Santoro), Carleton. Sensor Deployment by Robot in an Unknown Orthogonal EnvironmentCurrent Position: R&D, STMicroelectronics.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Supervised  
  • Dajun Zhang, School of Information Technology, Carleton University, May 2021 – November 2021
  • Riham Elhabyan, School of Information Technology, Carleton University, March 2017 – 2018.
    Current Position: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Yang Wang, School of Business and I.T., UOIT, 2014.
    Current Position: Senior Researcher, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.