SYSC5906 - Directed Studies


SYSC5906 is an graduate level "Directed Studies". This is essentially an independent study based on a topic and grading criteria approved by the lecturer; generally each topic is individual to the student – the grading criteria is also tailored to the selected topic (depending on what is expected).

Students will be given the resources and support to enable them to complete their studies; this includes a workstation, software, any extraneous equipment, and also educational support and advice from the lecturer. In the case of the latter, the advice will mainly be direction, supplementary documents, etc – there are no lectures, no specific assignments, term projects, or exams (i.e. do not expect the lecturer to do the work), etc

In general the expectations from me are in the form of resulting work and depending on the work a report. The resulting work is the focus of the directed studies, it is the driving element. The focus of the report is to explain how the work progressed, problems, issues, how it works, future work suggestions, etc (top reports are ones that can be used by another student to replicate the work).

The topics available are a range of work essentially based around a research subject relevant to the lecturer (see my research topics). The benefit to the student is that they learn a topic that they would not have gotten access to through the normal course structure – they become an expert in that specific area.