I regularly teach 3 undergraduate courses; and I alternate teaching 1 graduate course and 1 undergraduate course every year

The courses I regularly teach are:

  • IMD2000 - Multimedia Data Management (2nd Year)
  • IMD3002 - 3D Computer Graphics (3rd Year)
  • IMD4003 - 3D Computer Animation (4th Year)

The courses I alternate teaching are:

  • IMD1003 - Computer Programming (1st Year)
  • SYSC5801S - Multimedia Compression, Scalability, and Adaptation (Graduate)

In addition, I also supervise students in the following courses:

  • BIT4000 - Directed Studies (4th Year, School of Information Technology)
  • SYSC5906 - Directed Studies (Graduate, Systems and Computer Engineering)
  • IMD4901 - Senior Project (4th Year, School of Information Technology)

I have also taught IMD3004 - Human Computer Interaction & Design for 2 years (2006 and 2008), but due to scheduling this is now unlikely