Research Topics

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality has been a stable research field since the early 1960's when Ivan Sutherland invented the Head-Mounted Display (among other things); since then things have been a little up and down in terms of advances in the field. The ultimate goal for Virtual Reality is that we can use it and feel like we are in whatever environment we desire; this includes providing visual replication (realistic shading, shadows, reflections), auditory (3D spatial sound), interaction (multiple people - real and unreal), haptic feedback (feeling the weight, resistance, and forces in a virtual world), physical responses (things moving and reacting to physical laws), and behavioural responses (things moving and reacting to behavioural patterns).

Research Interests

My research interests in this area include the following topics:

  • Real-time Rendering - real-time rendering using ray-tracing and other types of global illumination
  • Ultrasonic Haptic Devices - haptic feedback using channeled ultrasonic sound
  • 3D Spatial Audio - rendering of realistic audio based on the position of 3D emitters and the environment; including multi-person HRTF
  • Procedural Audio - rendering of realistic audio based on material properties, rather than prerecordings