I originally started my research interests in the area of video and audio compression, specifically looking at video for collaborative virtual environment systems. This then progressed to general collaborative virtual environment systems, specifically on the PC. In this area I was looking at adaptation methods for network systems in order to reduce network load for collaboration, but I also examined methods for multi-threaded tasks in a 3D environment (separating the loads of animation, rendering, networking, and interfaces into different indepedent threads), as well as plugin methods for permitting collaborative virtual environments to be expanded by users.

Following this my research interests focused on 3D spatial audio, specifically for real-time environments. This meant calculating the reflections, reverberation, and HRTF dynamically according to acoustic engineering principles.

I then went back to adaptation methods for media, but this time looking at them based on contextual elements. In this we specifically looked at how models and animation could be adapted based on the context of the devices they were meant for; specifically within a standardised framework (in this case MPEG-4 and MPEG-21).

Since then I have expanded into new areas, looking at various technologies such as medical imaging, automotive displays, and architectural modelling. However the core elements of my research remain the same.

Core Research Topics

In general, the core research topics that I am interested in are as follows:
  • 3D Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Signal Processing and Compression