Joining My Group

I am always looking for ambitious and motivated students. A few words about the process: it is becoming an overwhelming task to answer every single request to join my group. First let me clarify that admission decisions are made by the department not by individual faculty members. Also I cannot make a decision about an applicant just by looking at an email or a CV, a complete file with transcripts and recommendation letters is needed. If you are interested in applying feel free to put my name as a potential advisor and select the appropriate program (Masters's or PhD).
You can apply to either OCIECE or OCICS depending on your background. Email me after you do this and I will make every effort to check your application file if it is admissible by the admission committee. It will help if you look up my papers and send me some comments on any of the recent ones, what you like or dislike about it. Again please remember that admission decisions are made by the department not by me. Accepting new students to join my group depends on many factors including: suitability of your academic background, evidence of excellent past performance, and of course availability of funding at the time of your application.